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Series Bench by Steelcase

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Seamless Integration + Support

Seamless Integration + Support
Organizations need a robust set of benching solutions to accommodate various workstyles, collaboration and mobility needs. Available in three height-adjustment options — Series 3, Series 5 and Series 8 — Series Bench supports a diverse range of individual needs while maintaining a seamless aesthetic throughout an organization.

Easy Access to Power

Series Bench offers two different options for worksurface power: integrated power and data tray, or power strip. It also supports fixed and mobile technology with a clean aesthetic while providing easy and visible access for users.

Individual Privacy

Individual Privacy
Center screen on an integrated rail provides seated privacy and standing-height modesty. Available for use on Universal worksurfaces, the Functional Screen is offered in a height suitable to help define boundaries.

Bench Connection

Bench Connection
Dual-sided base and center benches are connected with a Connection Kit that extends the integrated rail and upper and lower trays from bench to bench.

Power Distribution

Power Distribution
The upper and lower trays route power and data at the base. Power can enter the bench at the end of the run or at the connection point.
Series bench offers a standard wire manager that neatly routes cables from the tray to the worksurface.


Case Study – Chevron

There was nothing especially unusual about Chevron’s original goal: Reduce costs by shrinking the overall footprint of its space while consolidating its workforce –spread across diverse facilities in the Houston area – into three Houston sites. So while the primary objective was hardly startling, several key side benefits were largely unexpected.

Case Study – Intel

In a 2004 study of the “Effects of an electronic height-adjustable worksurface on self-assessed musculoskeletal disorders, discomfort and productivity among computer workers,” Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, CA determined key findings.

Case for Adjustability

9 quick reasons that help account for the dramatic growth of height-adjustable furniture.


Standard + Optional Features or Components


  • Comes as 6-pack with two Connection Kits (base bench at ends, center bench between base units)
  • Dual-sided base and center benches available 47″, 53″, 59″, 65″, 71″W
  • Power and data distribution beneath integrated rail
  • Wire management to the worksurface
  • Open or closed shroud options
  • Mix and match Series 3, 5 and 8 benches in side-to-side configurations to provide seated and/or sit-to-stand height adjustability

Series 3 Seated Height-Adjustable

  • Height range: 22″ – 34″
  • Recommended load capacity*: up to 205 lbs.
  • Crank adjustment: 4 turns per inch

Series 5 Sit-to-Stand Height-Adjustable

  • Height range: 25½” – 52″
  • Recommended load capacity*: up to 195 lbs.
  • Controller: up/down
  • Adjustment speed: 1.7″ per second

Series 8 Sit-to-Stand Height-Adjustable

  • Height range: 23¾” – 49¾”
  • Recommended load capacity*: up to 295 lbs. (includes weight of worksurface)
  • Controller: 3 presets, 3 presets with digital display, flush mount up/down buttons
  • Adjustment speed: 1.7″ per second
  • 0.1W standby power
  • Obstruction sensor

Privacy Solution

  • Modesty Screen

Additional Options

  • With SOTO Rail, With Cutout
  • With SOTO Rail, No Cutout
  • No SOTO Rail, With Cutout
  • No SOTO Rail, No Cutout

Surface Materials

  • Platinum (base only)
  • Black (base only)

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