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Series 9000 by Steelcase

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The legendary systems furniture line keeps evolving to meet the needs of business.

  • It creates any kind of space, from workstations to team spaces, to private spaces that support both collaboration and concentration.
  • It works beautifully with hundreds of other Steelcase products.
  • It offers more new options, choices and applications to fit the grid, or break the mold.

Cooperation for Collaboration

Cooperation for Collaboration

Furniture as varied as the individuals who use it

Series 9000 offers so many ways to tailor workstations to meet work demands. Upmount bins add privacy and define the space. Screens work above and below the worksurface, while low
panels between workstations help teammates work together. New applications come easily
with furniture this flexible.

Executive Workstation

Executive Workstation
Series 9000 makes optimum use of valuable space –– horizontal and vertical. An executive workstation combines a hard-working office with a contemplative retreat. Panels support storage, display and worksurface, and manage privacy. Worksurfaces are both fixed and mobile. Here’s a workspace that keeps your options open.


Standard + Optional Features

Series 9000 is available with the following standard and optional features:

  • Components can be freestanding, panel-supported or a combination of both.
  • Panels ship assembled, with universal flexible hinge to create a whole range of configurations.
  • Aesthetic options include 16 standard wood veneer finishes, three edge profiles and two storage pull styles.
  • Removable panel skins and top caps allow easy access to technology without disturbing adjacent panels.

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