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Relay by Steelcase

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Close at Hand

Close at Hand
It takes only a single hand to adjust Relay, bringing keyboard, monitor and mouse into position in one fluid motion. Relay adjusts 14 inches to serve clinicians at seated or standing height.
Technology Where it’s Needed
Relay wall-mounted arm brings technology tools up close, supporting clinician work processes by making it easy to access information – and share it with patients and families.

Smart Space Planning

Smart Space Planning
Discreet Design

As a wall-mounted solution, Relay works well in tight spaces. It stores close to the wall when not in use and manages cables discreetly.

Used in conjunction with Pocket mobile carts and Sync clinician workstations, Relay is part of a holistic, insightful approach to technology support across the clinical environment.


Making High-Tech Human-Centered
When technology is easy to access, clinicians can make every moment count and focus on what matters most – the patient. Ease of access is also important to teaching and learning, enabling clinicians to share information with each other, patients and families.

Technology support should adjust intuitively to support a variety of people in 24/7 healthcare places.


Standard + Optional Features


  • Wall mount column
  • Standard CPU
  • Enclosed CPU
  • Extension Arm
  • Pivot Limiter

Additional Features

  • 14” vertical adjustment
  • Counterbalance adjustment to support LCD monitors from 17” to 26” and no keyboard drift
  • 55” reach into space
  • Stores 9” from wall when not in use
  • Intelligently designed cable management

Surface Materials
Paint – Gray


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