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Park by Steelcase

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Simplicity is Key

Simplicity is Key
A Sense of Calm and Order

Form follows function with the crisp, understated design of the Park wardrobe and bedside tables. Visually simple, cabinets are free of embellishment and open with finger pulls. They provide space for personal articles and self-serve supplies.

Dual-Tiered Surface
The Park mobile bedside table features casters and two surfaces for belongings.

Clean and Strong

Clean and Strong
Healthcare Savvy Features

Park features heavy-duty, solid-backed construction that allows it to withstand the continuing demands of healthcare environments. Its rigid thermoform (RTF) and spill top surfaces and removable drawer liner make cleanup easy and help guard against infection.

Exclusive Finishes
Two-tone mixed-material finishes are available exclusively with Park.


Offer Comfort and Control

We can enhance the healthcare experience by enabling patients to take control of their journeys. Places to accommodate personal items, opportunities to self-serve, and clean, uncluttered settings can meet individual needs and provide peace of mind.


Standard + Optional Features


Wardrobe Cabinet

  • Single- or double-door
  • Hanging storage for clothes and coats with additional storage shelf

Mobile Cabinet

  • With one drawer and one door
  • Rigid thermoform raised top with spill collector
  • Meets the storage and technology needs of the patient and caregiver

Bedside Tables

  • With one drawer and one door
  • With three drawers

Surface Materials

  • Melamine
  • Rigid thermoform
  • 4799 Platinum metallic
  • 9201 Polished chrome
  • Non-marring and front-locking casters
  • Wood core, miter-fold


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