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Opus by Steelcase

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Hosting Patients + Families

Hosting Patients + Families
Supporting Control + Communication
Opus is designed to meet the needs of patients and families in healthcare settings. Open shelves keep personal belongings in sight. A mounting surface for technology and whiteboard options encourage information sharing and learning. Lighting elements let clinicians and patients customize their surroundings. Cabinet options provide ample storage, ensuring clear walking paths and defining personal boundaries. A sliding door moves easily for storage that doesn’t interfere with active room flow.

Maximum Flexibility

Maximum Flexibility
Modular + Multipurpose
Opus combines the benefits of traditional freestanding casegoods with the flexibility of modular furniture. Components configure in multiple ways to create a consistent aesthetic across patient and exam rooms, consultation spaces and other settings – and to adapt as needs change over time.

Discrete Technology Access

Technology routing behind the cabinets allows for easy wiring and access, keeping cords safely hidden.

Patient Room Tables

Patient Room Tables
A Place to Connect
Opus mobile overbed tables provide an adaptable surface where patients, families and clinicians can gather, connect and share.


Design Insights

Design Insights
We can enhance the healthcare experience by enabling patients to take control of their journey and by facilitating connections among patients, families and clinicians.
Offer choice and control by:

  • Creating places that accommodate important personal items.
  • Designing settings that can be tailored to meet individual needs and preferences.
  • Integrating technologies and tools that encourage communication, information sharing and learning.

One Flexible Aesthetic

Modular, flexible solutions can serve multiple purposes in different places and over time as needs and processes change – all the while creating a professional, uniform aesthetic across healthcare facilities.


Standard + Optional Features

Opus Components


  • Cabinets with 36”H storage unit
  • Cabinets with 36″H hinged-door storage unit for use with sink
  • Cabinets with 30″H storage unit
  • Cabinets with 24″H storage unit
  • Cabinets with 181/2″H storage unit
  • Desk cabinets
  • Conference table cabinets
  • Wardrobe cabinet with sliding door
  • Wardrobe cabinet with swing door

Overhead Shelves + Storage

  • Overhead Shelves
  • Overhead Straight Shelves with Box Unit
  • Overhead Flower Shelves with Box Unit
  • Overhead Storage Cabinets with Doors

Additional Components

  • Worksurfaces
  • Desk frames
  • Bedside Tables
  • Common Tops
  • End Filler Panel
  • Inside Corner fillers
  • End panel
  • Wall trim package
  • Fascia
  • Sloped fascia
  • Fascia end panels
  • Ceiling tracks
  • Mounting boards
  • Cushions


  • Veneer
  • Whiteboard
  • Lighting
  • Accessory boards
  • Coat hooks
  • Corner unit
  • Coordinating overbed table

Surface Materials


  • Sugarloaf Maple 2570
  • Almond Cherry 2571
  • Samba Cherry 2572
  • Cognac Cherry 5273
  • Dark Rum Cherry 2574
  • Shiraz Cherry 2575


  • Champagne 4750


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