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FrameOne by Steelcase

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Flexibility + Customization

Flexibility + Customization

Tailor to Every Worker’s Needs

The traditional, one-size-fits-all bench desks are ineffective for both workers and organizations. FrameOne offers more customizable options than other bench desk applications, and its modular design adapts easily to maximize real estate and adjust to changing business needs.

  • A light, refined aesthetic
  • Floating tops
  • Recessed legs
  • Discreet cable distribution
  • Worktools, lighting, power access and privacy screens are all hosted on a convenient integrated rail

media:scape Integration

media:scape Integration

Remove Barriers to Innovation

FrameOne with media:scape offers a benching solution for project teams and functional groups paired with simple, yet powerful technology. This enables teams to innovate faster as information is shared quickly and seamlessly.

Technology Support

Rail-Mounted Power Strip

Rail-Mounted Power Strip
For quick and easy access.

Power and Data Access Door

Power and Data Access Door
In the center of the worksurface helps to manage cords.

SOTO II Launch Pad

SOTO II Launch Pad
Provides access at the front edge of the worksurface for portable technology.


For the Many Work Needs

For the Many Work Needs

Different Workstyles. Different Needs.

Steelcase research revealed that when mobility and collaboration intersect, four user profiles are created for benching solutions.
The design of the FrameOne benching system addresses the needs of various types of office workers including nomads, residents, project teams, and functional groups.

The Nomad – Highly Mobile + On-The-Go

The Nomad

Nomads appreciate:

  • Convenient places to work
  • Space for multiple mobile tools
  • Innovative open storage
  • Easy power and data access

The Resident – Dedicated Workstations

The Resident

Residents need:

  • Higher level of privacy
  • Storage
  • Readily available technology support

The Project Team – Frequent Reconfiguration

The Project Team

Project teams benefit from:

  • Flexible solutions
  • Frequent reconfiguration
  • Workstations that are simple to expand and contract

The Functional Group – Dedicated Workspace

The Functional Group

Functional groups need:

  • Dedicated office workstation application
  • Integrated rail for worktools
  • Privacy
  • Monitor arms
  • Lighting


Standard + Optional Features

FrameOne Components

Base Units

  • Double-sided
  • Single-sided

Extension Units

  • Double-sided
  • Single-sided

End Counters

  • Available in 2 depths and 2 widths


  • Available in 4 depths and 3 widths


  • Post leg
  • Loop leg
  • Intermediate leg
  • Intermediate leg with cover

Centered Screens

  • Fabric
  • Frosted glass


  • Laminate
  • Veneer

c:scape Mid Storage

  • Tall and slim, personal and shared
  • Slim, shared
  • Storage supports: Column, high ped or parallel application kit

Elective Elements Storage

  • End counter cabinets, below
  • Single-high cabinets, above
  • Organizer shelves, above

Benches with media:scape

  • 1 or 2 shrouds and wall mounted option

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