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Folio by Steelcase

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Always Ready

Always Ready
Designed for Change
Discrete Folio cabinets keep clinical equipment within easy reach to support the clinician work process, yet out of sight to lower stress levels. In contrast to traditional millwork, Folio modular casegoods can be specified, ordered and installed quickly. They move and reconfigure with ease to serve well today and tomorrow.


Serving Multiple Purposes
A range of hardworking Folio components combines to serve unique purposes. Folio offers a clean, unified aesthetic across the healthcare facility. This includes patient rooms, exam rooms, clinician workspaces and oncology treatment areas.
Folio Casegoods can incorporate a handwashing station, kitchenette, information display, recycling center and more.

Wall-Hung Options

Wall-Hung Options
Maximize Space
Space is a premium in most patient and exam rooms. Folio wall-hung options are designed to maximize every square foot. Cabinets are mounted 12 inches above the floor to make cleaning easy and help aid in infection control.


Workflow + Efficiency
Workflow + Efficiency
Healthcare organizations are under pressure to make every moment count. Folio makes it possible to locate supplies and conveniences where needed to improve workflow and efficiency.
The Need for Flexibility
The Need for Flexibility
Organizations are also evolving to keep pace with new practices, processes and expectations. Health spaces and furnishings must adapt with them to bring continual value. A modular approach diminishes the downsides of change.
Patient Anxiety
Patient Anxiety
A cluttered space adds to patient anxiety, clinician burden and the risk of infection. Efficient design helps set minds at ease and simplifies cleaning.


Standard + Optional Features

Folio Components


  • Base cabinet
  • ADA base cabinet
  • Sink cabinet
  • Support end panel
  • Storage cabinet
  • Storage cabinet with sloped top
  • Wardrobe cabinet
  • Wardrobe cabinet with sloped top
  • Upper storage cabinet
  • Upper storage cabinet with sloped top


  • Bookcase
  • Bookcase with sloped top

Additional Components

  • Worksurfaces
  • Desk frames


  • D-pull (standard)
  • Contemporary pull
  • Opus pull
  • Jazz pull

Surface Materials


  • Sugarloaf Maple 2570
  • Almond Cherry 2571
  • Samba Cherry 2572
  • Cognac Cherry 5273
  • Dark Rum Cherry 2574
  • Shiraz Cherry 2575
  • Arctic White 2730
  • Seagull 22883
  • Dune 2885

Solid Surface

  • Antarctica 2972
  • Linen 2973
  • Canvas 3974
  • Bisque 2975


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