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Eyesite by Steelcase

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As technology quickly evolves, displays are coming in more shapes and sizes than ever before, and employees are using more of them. By allowing users to control the angle and focal depth of their displays—regardless of quantity and size—the
Eyesite collection gives them the ability to maximize display usage, increase personal comfort and enhance productivity.

Focal Adjustment

Focal Adjustment
Eyesite’s 26″ column can accommodate up to six displays using two triple bars in a bar-over-bar configuration.

Adjustable focal depth bars provide 13″ of adjustability. When not in use, displays tuck back neatly, clearing valuable worksurface space. Fixed focal depth bars are also available.

Improved Flexibility

Improved Flexibility
Improved flexibility for up to six displays. Eyesite’s 12″ and 18″ columns offer a range of display and laptop configurations including single, dual and triple display bars to meet today’s ever-expanding user needs. With Eyesite’s 26″ column, employees can easily utilize up to six displays in a variety of arrangements.


Product Range

  • Single
  • Dual
  • Dual with laptop
  • Triple with laptop
  • Bar-over-bar (1 over 1)
  • Bar-over-bar (2 over 2)
  • Bar-over-bar (3 over 2)
  • Bar-over-bar (2 over 3)
  • Bar-over-bar (3 over 3)


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