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dash by Steelcase

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Subtle. Bold. Versatile.

Subtle. Bold. Versatile.

Complemented by a wide range of colors, the classic design of dash and dash mini offer the ability to complete a space or give it a splash of life—so choosing the right light for the workspace and the user is simple.

Key Features

Key Features
dash was designed by Steelcase in collaboration with Foster + Partners.
Key Features

  • LED + optical system eliminates contrast and shadows.
  • Dimming control from 100% to 15%
  • Points of articulation provide a maximum user control
  • Optional Passive Infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor
  • Clean lines, fluid movement, timeless aesthetic.
  • First freestanding personal task light to meet BIFMA level 1 certification

Energy Savings

Energy Savings
An optional Passive Infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor—with a 36″ activation range—turns the light off when it is not in use to avoid unnecessary energy use and extend lamp life.

Cooler to the Touch

Cooler to the Touch
The dash task light’s innovative design features a convection airflow solution that minimises heat transfer, keeping the light head from becoming hot.


Standard + Optional Features

Standard + Optional Features

  • 8-watt LED
  • 50,000-hour-rated LED life
  • 3,500K color temperature
  • Polished textured reflector
  • Continuous range dimming control from 100% to 15%
  • Three pivot points of articulation
  • Momentary soft-touch switch
  • Optional occupancy sensor
  • Variable spring force for easy adjustability
  • Convection airflow in head for heat dissipation
  • Dual conductivity path to prevent power loss
  • Replaceable light head
  • Three user-adjustable tension control knobs

Mounting Options

  • Freestanding
  • Rail-mounted
  • With C-clamp mount
  • Panel-mounted
  • Slatwall + SlatRail mounted


dash + dash mini

  • Three user-adjustable tension control knobs
  • 360º lower arm rotation
  • 360º head rotation


  • 32″ horizontal reach
  • 22.25″ vertical reach
  • Arm 1.4 lbs; base 8.25 lbs; rail mount .3 lbs

dash mini

  • 24″ horizontal reach
  • 20″ vertical reach
  • Arm 1.0 lbs; base 8.25 lbs; rail mount .3 lbs


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