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c:scape by Steelcase

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Smart Business Solutions

Smart Business Solutions

Ease of Planning + Management

c:scape modular office workstations accommodates new workplace strategies by supporting shrinking footprints while improving connections, supporting collaboration and increasing sharing.
Its simple set of components offers a wide breadth of applications for both open plan and private offices, so inventory can be repurposed easily as needs change.

  • beam
  • desk
  • low storage
  • mid-storage
  • worktools & screens

Small Spaces

Small Spaces

  • Light and open design. Makes spaces feel larger than they are.
  • Purposeful features. Whether as visible as bench desks and office storage or more hidden, such as integrated technology, each amenity makes the user feel valued.
  • Intuitive and beautiful details. Both inspiring and covetable.

Social Settings

Social Settings

Balance of Collaboration + Privacy

  • c:scape workstation desks and low and mid-height office storage offers an open landscape where individuals can easily see and be seen.
  • Privacy is purposeful, allowing users the ability to control privacy without creating barriers.
  • c:scape office workstations encourages connecting and collaborating in order to build trust and share knowledge.


Work Has Changed

A fundamental shift has occurred in our world and the ways we work, and it has a profound impact on the places and spaces in which we work.

We believe that the workplace is more important than ever before and that it can be a key strategic business tool, but only if it’s designed to support the ways people and organizations work today.

Case Studies

More Work in Less Space

Horizon Healthcare Services, the oldest and largest health insurer in New Jersey, faced a challenge not uncommon in business: how could they accommodate more people in less real estate, yet create a workplace that better supports how people work today?


Consulting giant, Accenture, developed a strategy called “Workplace 2.0,” which they piloted in their relocated Houston office. The results are impressive as they went from three floors and 66,000 sq. ft. down to one floor of 25,000 sq. ft., while still supporting over 800 people.

What sets Accenture apart is how it prides itself on its efficient use of real estate. Its Workplace 2.0 strategy sets high standards for what it terms “The Four E’s” of efficiency, effectiveness, engagement, and environment, with collaboration as a baseline.

New Jersey Organ and Tissue Sharing Network

Healthcare can be a stressful business. The new facility of the New Jersey Organ and Tissue Sharing Network, an organ procurement organization, exemplifies a successful approach to addressing this and other workplace issues. After thoroughly evaluating their existing space, NJSN set ambitious goals for their new quarters, and created a high performance, nurturing, and inspiring work environment.


Standard + Optional Features

c:scape Components


  • Available in 1 height and 4 different width options
  • L-Foot Support
  • T-Foot Support


  • Sliding or non-sliding
  • Worksurface
    • Straight
    • Transitioned
    • Tapered
  • Legs:
    • Fixed-Height: L-Leg or Post Leg
    • Height-Adjustable: L-Leg or Post Leg

Shared Tables

  • Worksurface
  • Tapered
  • D-Shaped
  • Square
  • Round

Mid Storage

  • Tall Storage: Personal or wall-mounted
  • Tall Storage: Shared
  • Slim Storage: Personal or wall-mounted
  • Slim Storage: Shared
  • High Pedestal
  • Column Support

Low Storage

  • Low Storage: 1-high
  • Low Storage: 1 ½-High
  • Combination Storage: 1 ½-High


  • Fixed Personal/Modesty Screens


  • Available in 1 height

Technical Specifications


Modular Power Kits

Available for use in the connect zone when desks are tethered to the beam. The power is routed out of the beam reveal and through the end of the desk located closest to the beam.

Base Power

Has an integral harnessto-harness connector and can be located every 1′ within the beam

1½ high low storage units

Available with a connect zone. Power and data can be routed to the connect zone for easy user access and cord management.

Modular Harnesses + Harness-to-Harness Connectors

Used to distribute power through the beam. Harness-to-harness connectors are used to branch power to connect zones in the desk and storage.

Additional Power Block

Can be added in the connect zone by ordering an additional harness and power block.


Can be routed to the desk and terminate into the connect zone. Both modular furniture and NEMA faceplates can be used. Can be placed in the base area for user access. Data isaccommodated back-to-back (staggered) using modular furniture faceplates.

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