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Context by Steelcase

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About Context

Design Story

About Context
When Context was first introduced it challenged virtually every preconceived notion about how the workplace should look and act. It was a radical approach, but it was a glimpse into the future that few would argue with today. Context focused on work process. On team enterprise and collaboration. The furniture was designed specifically to support knowledge work and the information that drives it. It was freestanding furniture with an office systems pedigree. Moveable. Changeable. Highly adaptable and infinitely re-adaptable. It was inherently in tune with the revolution in technology that would soon connect established companies with new markets, and new companies with markets that were only beginning to emerge.

Context symbolized the dynamics of organizational effectiveness. It broke down barriers and opened up new possibilities. This was furniture for a new generation of worker, and a new kind of company. It set new expectations for individual user comfort and control. And it fit anywhere.


Key Features


  • Curvilinear worksurfaces create concave coves for concentrated work, while convex curves create hubs for communication – all in the same work area
  • Desk-like building blocks named core-units make up workstations and allow for unique floor plans
  • Seamless transition from the open plan into the private office
  • Promotes interaction and communication with just the right balance of privacy
  • Allows maximum workspace density within the floor plan, saving real estate costs
  • Core units ship fully assembled resulting in quick and easy installations


Standard + Optional Features

Context is available with the following standard and optional features:

  • Curvilinear worksurfaces
  • No panel creep occurs because no panels are used
  • Electric adjustable corner and straight units
  • Wide variety of materials such as tackable surfaces, markerboard, and slatwall screens
  • Universal Storage enables versatility and freedom to establish your own “look”
  • Power, data and telecommunications utilities are both modular and moveable
  • Cable management built into every core-unit 2
  • Works with a broad range of Steelcase products


Core Units

  • Corner
  • Extended Corner
  • Extended Corner Cove
  • Straight
  • Straight Aisle Privacy
  • Transition Aisle Privacy
  • Reception with Countertop
  • Transition
  • Visitor
  • Bubble Visitor
  • Spanner Table
  • Combi Table
  • Jetty Table
  • Bubble Jetty Table
  • Enterprise Table
  • Round Tables
  • Countertops

Adjustable-Height Core Units

  • Corner with adjustable-height keyboard surface
  • Corner with electric dual adjustable-height worksurfaces
  • Extended Corner with adjustable-height keyboard surface
  • Extended Corner with dual electric adjustable-height worksurfaces
  • Straight with single electric adjustable-height worksurfaces
  • Straight with dual electric adjustable-height worksurfaces

Universal Storage

  • Fixed Pedestals
  • Mobile Pedestals
  • Lateral Files
  • Open Side Towers
  • Full Front Towers
  • Vertical Drawer Towers
  • Combination Cabinets
  • Wardrobe Cabinets

Context Overhead Storage

  • Overhead Cabinets
  • Straight Column-Mounted Shelves
  • Corner Column-Mounted Shelves


  • Straight Core Mounted Screens
  • Straight Core Mounted Arc Screens
  • Straight Column Mounted Screens


  • Rail Mounted Canopy
  • Slatwall Mounted Canopy
  • Shelf

Power + Communication

  • Power Infeed
  • Internode™ Power Module
  • Modular Harnesses
  • Single Utility Trunks
  • Double Utility Trunk Powerways
  • Utility Pole
  • Convenience Tri-Receptacles with Modular Harness, Power Cord and Plug, Outlet Housing


  • Paper Trays
  • Diagonal Paper Tray
  • Telephone Stand
  • Plastic Center Drawer

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