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Cobi by Steelcase

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Collaborative Seating

There’s no such thing as a quick meeting. We spend more time collaborating today than ever before. Squirming, fatigue, and loss of focus are unavoidable. Let’s face it. Working with others requires a completely different set of postures, and thus, a completely different kind of chair. One that helps keep you comfortable and focused in collaborative settings like conference and training rooms.


Every part of the cobi office chair was designed to flex and adjust to your body. With it’s insightful and ergonomic design, the chair’s top flexing edge lets you comfortably rest your arm on top of the chair—you know, like you’ve tried to do on every chair you’ve ever sat in. The flexing seat encourages you to move and shift, allowing you to sit centered or off to the sides. And the flexing back contours to support any posture your body needs at any given moment.

Automatic Comfort

Automatic Comfort

Research says you don’t adjust chairs in conference rooms. Maybe up or down, but probably not much more than that.

The cobi chair offers one manual adjustment (seat height). The rest is taken care of for you by putting you in the best position of comfort. When you first sit in cobi, it senses your center of gravity and adjusts to the position that will put the least amount of stress on your body, while still keeping you properly oriented and supported. When you shift or move, cobi does the same.

Various Postures

Various Postures
The cobi office chair encourages movement and supports a variety of postures. With only one adjustment – seat height – , and a weight-activated mechanism that allows this office chair to move with with you it’s easy for anyone to get comfortable.

  • The weight-activated mechanism senses your center of gravity and adjusts to the position that will put the least amount of stress on your body, while keeping you properly oriented and supported.
  • Seat height accommodates different heights and leg lengths.
  • The flexible top edge and flexible seat allow people to sit in a variety of postures.
  • The open frame also allows users to sit sideways in the chair.


The cobi chair was designed specifically to foster collaboration and was based on three observations that generated our key insights:


  1. Collaboration takes time.
  2. People don’t adjust their chairs while collaborating.
  3. People change postures when collaborating.


  • Chairs should promote movement and be comfortable for long periods of time.
  • Adjustments should be automatic and intuitive.
  • Chairs should support multiple postures.


Cobi Options

  • Stool version available
  • Armless chair and stool available
  • Connect 3D material is standard on the chair back with matching Cogent
  • Connect seat, or with a seat upholstery of your choice
  • Optional sewn seat cushion to accommodate various fabric, leather & vinyl options

Surface Materials

Finish Options

  • Black 6205
  • Near Black 6295
  • Platinum 6249
  • Arctic White 6009

Upholstery Options

  • Standard
    • Back: Connect 3D Knit
    • Seat: Cogent™: Connect
  • Sewn Upholstery – Available on seat only

Cognet Connect Color Options

  • Coconut 5S15
  • Turmeric 5S16
  • Basil 5S22
  • Concord 5S19
  • Graphite 5S25
  • Root Beer 5S28
  • Tangerine 5S17
  • Wasabi 5S23
  • Maya Blue 5020
  • Scarlet 5S18
  • Blue Jay 5S21
  • Nickel 5S24
  • Licorice 5026
  • Malt 5S27
  • Root Beer 5S28

Connect 3D Knit Color Options

  • Color match available for all Cogent: Connect color options


Chair 19″ 18.75″ 15.5″ to 20.5″ 19.5″ 19″ 9″ 40″ to 50″

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