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Answer Freestanding by Steelcase

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Application Range

Range of Applications to Meet a Range of Workstyles

From open bench applications to more individual private space, the flexibility of Answer modular office workstations provides workers with the balance of both privacy and collaboration.

Answer’s consistent design language and wide range of aesthetic options ensure integration into any environment while optimizing real estate.

Answer office workstations can help organizations balance collaboration and privacy, support mobility and optimize real estate.

Refined Aesthetic

Refined Aesthetic

Many Design Options.
One Design Language.

  • Thin trim offers a clean, consistent design. Open base trim provides a lighter scale aesthetic.
  • Personal caddy provides quick access to the user’s work bag and mobile files.
  • FrameOne leg and Universal storage with FrameOne feet offer design consistency.
  • Soft edge worksurface eliminates pressure points on wrist and forearms.
  • Power and data access door integrates into the worksurface.
  • Recessed frameless glass provides a clean design aesthetic and provides access to natural light.

Design Principles

Design Principles

Ever-evolving Workplaces Present New Challenges. We Have a New Answer.

We’re more mobile, more collaborative, more social and more connected to technology than ever before. Yet we still also need to focus and concentrate.
Answer office workstations can help organizations:

  • Balance Collaboration and Privacy
  • Support Mobility
  • Optimize Real Estate



Efficiently Support the Ways People Work

Answer modular workstations are uniquely designed to help you get as much out of your real estate as possible. Supporting a wide range of planning types, Answer applications
are perfect for creating spaces that are multi-purpose, enabling you to efficiently
support the ways people work while optimizing your real estate.


Support Multi-Person Work

Observation. Multi-person work often happens at spaces designed for one –– resulting in some discomfort for all involved.
Insight. Having available space for visitors can enhance spontaneous collaboration.

Support Mobile Workers

Observation. Mobile workers are often forced to work in less-than-ideal spaces as they seek out a place to sit down and plug in.
Insight. Mobile workers need easy access to others to power and data, and the ability to secure their belongings.

Support Technology

Observation. Work environments aren’t equipped to easily support the amount of technology workers use today.
Insight. All aspects of today’s workplace should support technology tools, offering easy access to power and security.


Standard + Optional Features

Answer Components

Junctions + Connections

  • Horizontal Frame Packages
  • End of Run junction
  • Stacking End of Run Junction
  • Inline Junction
  • L Junction
  • Stacking L Junction
  • X Junction
  • Stacking X Junction
  • V Junction
  • Stacking V Junction
  • Y Junction
  • Stacking Y Junction
  • Wall Start Junction
  • Stacking Wall Start Junction
  • Off-module Connection


  • Tackable Acoustical/Performance Tackable Acoustical Fabric*
  • Steel (smooth, ribbed, perforated)*
  • Markerboard
  • Laminate
  • Wood (single, sets)
  • Glass Windows (single pane, double pane, custom glass kit)
  • Slatwall
  • Frameless Glass Screen

*To the Floor versions of these skin types available in some heights.


  • Straight
  • Transition
  • Capsule
  • Rectangle
  • Round
  • Straight + Tapered with Soft Edge, Personal Caddy (Straights Only) + Power and
  • Data Door and Tray

Adjustable Tables

  • Airtouch: 2 different options available

System Worksurfaces

  • Straight
  • Transition
  • Tapered
  • Taper-Flat
  • Corner (flat front, dual, curved front)
  • Extended Corner
  • Spanner
  • Bullet Peninsula
  • Jetty
  • Bubble Jetty
  • Visitor
  • Transaction

System Support

  • FrameOne Legs for Universal

Table Supports

  • Cabby Leg (glide, caster)
  • Adjustable Height Leg (glide, caster)
  • T-Base
  • X-Base

Overhead Storage

  • Bin (sliding door, flat, radius, curved)
  • Shelf
  • Personal Shelf
  • L-shelf
  • Slim Shelf


  • Fixed Pedestal (FF, BBF)
  • Mobile Pedestal (BF, FF, BBF)
  • Lateral File
  • Open Side Tower
  • Full Front Tower
  • Vertical Drawer Tower
  • Combination Cabinet
  • Storage Cabinet
  • Bookcase

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