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How Will Artificial Intelligence Shape Our World?

The FORWARD Fellowship guides designers to explore the possibilities.

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Q + A” ‘The Future of Work is Not Work’

What does the world of work look like as Artificial Intelligence, algorithms, bots and big data infiltrate more of our lives? Ben Pring, co-leader of Cognizant’s Future of Work Center, asks that question in “What to Do When Machines Do … Continue reading

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Place + Technology Drive Creative Performance

Despite what you may have grown up believing, people are not born creative. People don’t grow up destined for careers as artists or musicians. Research tells us creativity is an iterative process in which anyone can engage, and not restricted … Continue reading

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Your IT Department is Changing

Every company is becoming a software company. Think about the vehicle you drove to work today. Was it a car? Or a series of sensors and computers? Think about your television. Is it simply receiving a series of images and … Continue reading

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Changes to Offices in a Technically Advanced Workplace

Office construction and remodeling numbers are up in the United States. An office renaissance is underway and changes are happening fast. Steelcase designers and researchers offer insights into five key reasons we’re seeing changes now.

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One Table Fits…All

Building on its mission to bring new life to work, Coalesse introduces Potrero415, a versatile table system that is just as friendly as it is industrious. An iconic design merges modern engineering with open-ended variety, reviving the spirit of the … Continue reading

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Telemedicine: An Important Part of Healthcare’s Future

Telemedicine, defined as the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies to support long-distance clinical health care, patient and professional health-related education, public health and health administration, is quickly becoming a crucial part of the future of healthcare. The market … Continue reading

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Examining the 4 IT Principles of Competitive Advantage

In 2003 Nicholas Carr wrote an article, “IT Doesn’t Matter.” Things have sure changed since then. Today, IT helps companies – including Steelcase – gain a competitive advantage through advanced tools and data analysis.

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Sanjay Gupta’s 9 Biggest Health Issues Facing America

Dr. Sanjay Gupta recently posted an Op-Ed on CNN.com that detailed what he thinks are America’s 9 biggest health issues going forward into the new year. Some of them are what you would expect, while a few are more unique … Continue reading

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The Role of Harmony in Innovation

At NeoCon this year, I spoke briefly about where innovation comes from and, more importantly, the need to bring all the interested parties together to affect change. It’s not a new scenario, but one many organizations continue to struggle with.

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