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Restoration Office – How Biophilia Reduces Stress and Promotes Renewal at Work

Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas, and according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average American spends nearly 90 percent of their time inside. Yet nature and the outdoors have a powerful hold … Continue reading

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How Design, Materiality & Performance Create Inspiring Spaces

Why are some parts of the workplace always buzzing with activity — social spaces with constant clusters of people, rooms that are always booked or desks and enclaves that are always taken? What makes people choose to work in one … Continue reading

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Designing the Future of Integrated Behavioral Health

Behavioral health covers a wide range of settings which may include psychiatric hospitals, psychiatric units in the general hospital environment, alcohol and addiction treatment facilities, behavioral health clinics, and emergency departments with psychiatric specialty. It is a diagnosis that covers … Continue reading

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Patient Safety + Support: Infusion Therapy Space Design

Fighting chronic illnesses, like cancer, congestive heart failure, and Crohn’s disease, among others, can be a trying and scary time for a patient and their friends and family. It’s imperative that infusion therapy environments respect these difficult moments, and ensure … Continue reading

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Why Education Is In Need Of A Sandwich

I recently returned from a trip to Israel. It was a wakeup call to say the least. It is amazing to see how many people globally are actively making changes in the delivery of education for the better. And they … Continue reading

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Two Wheel Commute

Across all industries, we’re seeing an increased focus on wellbeing. Some believe it’s driven by the increased cost of healthcare. Others point to an increased awareness of health thanks to the ubiquitous amount of information available to consumers. Whatever the … Continue reading

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Are You Meeting the New Standards of Sustainability?

If you think sustainability is just about the environment, then you may be surprised. Sustainability is something that we as a company have strived to understand more over the years, even as our hometown- the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan- … Continue reading

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Concentration Can Be Hard Work – How to Find Focus in the Office

In its simplest sense, mindfulness means balancing the intense pace of life with being fully present in the moment, which many can agree is easier said than done – especially in the office. Employees in North America, for instance, lose … Continue reading

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